Monday, March 24, 2008

Greens for Immune System Health

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My husband Les and I have known about pH balance for years and how important it is for our immune system health and preventing infections like MRSA and Staph. One of the biggest ways you can help your body with these infections is by improving your immune system and your pH balance. Unfortunately, the traditional American diet leaves many people in an "acidic" state - one that is prime for infectious bacteria to live in. So, look into eating more alkaline foods to help you boost your immunity and pH.

We’ve been eating a high pH (alkaline) diet for some time now with great results. But just last week, we learned about an exciting new way to get a lot more alkaline foods into our diets that's very simple and actually tastes great.

Most anyone who knows about pH knows that green leafy plants are some of the most alkaline or high pH foods on the planet. And greens are loaded with nutrients and minerals too. The trouble is, there are only so many salads and lettuce wraps that you can eat in a day before you start feeling more like a rabbit than a person.

But for the last few weeks, we’ve been eating a special recipe made with greens and have been pleasantly surprised by how much more energy and vitality we’ve already noticed. The recipe is very simple to prepare, tastes very good and is made with ingredients easy to find at the grocery store. This high pH recipe is one of the best dietary additions we have found to boost immune system health and help prevent infections.

The recipe is how to make yummy and nutritious green smoothies. You’re probably asking the question: how could a green smoothie possibly taste good? We felt the same way until we actually tasted one. But now we actually crave our green shakes and we're addicted to how good they make us feel.

Until a few weeks ago, we hadn’t heard much about greens, other than that they are “good” for you. We knew that greens were alkaline and nutritious, but we’d never heard much about their nutrition, how many we should be eating, or just why greens are so great. What we learned about greens has been nothing short of amazing – and I want to share with you what we discovered in more detail.

See how a simple green shake recipe can boost your immune system and help you prevent re-infections. Click on this link now to learn more: Greens for Immune System Health.

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