Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gram-negative bacteria are drug-resistant superbugs to watch out for -

Unfortunately, MRSA is not the only Superbug infection today. Bacteria are very crafty and can become resistant to antibiotics relatively quickly. Staph bacteria were showing resistance to Penicillin (the first commercial antibiotic) within a couple of years of the introduction of Penicillin.

Today, with antibiotic abuse or over-prescription of antibiotics (for colds and flu which are not caused by bacteria), over-use of antibiotics in the feed animal industry, and hospitals and pharmaceutical companies dumping tons of unused or expired drugs and antibiotics into the water supply, it's no doubt that we will see ever-increasing numbers of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

Gram-negative bacteria Superbugs are predominantly found in hospitals and can be and commonly infection patients who are already very ill, babies in ICU, very old patients, patients who've just had surgery, and burn patients in the ICU. And these gam-negative bacteria can enter the body by way of catheters, IVs, ventilators or wounds (like MRSA can).

It's plain to see that doctors are loosing ground when it comes to treating these Superbug with conventional antibiotics. For yourself and your family's sake, learn about ALL of the natural antimicrobial products that are available. I feel these will be required to survive the ever growing population of bacteria that will not respond to antibiotics.

Michelle Moore
Microbiologist, Scientist and Health Advocate
Author of "MRSA Secrets Revealed"
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For the full CNN article, click here: Gram-negative bacteria are drug-resistant superbugs to watch out for -

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