Monday, October 12, 2009

What about Bleach for Killing MRSA?

Linda wrote in this last weekend wondering if swimming pools can kill MRSA, what about bleach ? Below is my response...

As I mentioned previously, well maintained pools can kill MRSA, but it will be much slower to kill these bacteria than disinfectants will. Again, pools aren't meant to act as a harsh disinfectant like the ones that are commonly used in the kitchen or bathroom.

Now, a bleach solution you use in your home is typically made as a 10% solution of bleach in water. This "roughly" correlates to a .1% chlorine solution as compared to 3.9ppm (parts per million) chlorine as one would expect in a properly maintained pool. This makes a 10% solution of bleach you use for disinfecting MUCH MUCH more concentrated than any swimming pool. Thus, it will kill MRSA and Staph and other bacteria much more quickly.

However, something to be aware of is that chemical disinfectants like bleach (which contain chemical toxins) can have a negative effect on our immune systems. There are actually non-toxic cleaners and disinfectants that kill MRSA and other bacteria, but are safe to use around yourself, your children and your pets.

Another often critically overlooked issue when it comes to MRSA and Staph infections is that we come in contact with these bacteria EVERYWHERE. Not just the hospital. Not just the gym. They are everywhere. Many people carry MRSA bacteria and don't have symptoms. These bacteria get spread on doorknobs, shopping cart handles, cell phones, toys, etc and even through the air on dead skin cells. Anything that gets touched by people can very likely have MRSA.

I'm not spreading this to be alarmist, but these are the facts I know as a Microbiologist. Ultimately, one of your best defenses against these infections is your immune system. This is largely overlooked by medicine as a way to help prevent infection. What you eat, what you disinfect with, what you don't eat, your stress level and more can affect your immune system.

I have written about this key factor, as well as the many natural and effective antibiotics that are available for MRSA and Staph in my comprehensive manual MRSA Secrets Revealed. This manual addresses prevention, non-toxic cleaning, powerful natural treatment options, and steps to take that have helped people boost their immune system. You can more learn about this trusted and respected manual at .

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