Monday, April 28, 2008

The End of Antibiotics

A new article by NaturalNews was recently posted on the end of the Antibiotic Era.

Eventually antibiotics are going to be seen as one of the worst things to ever come out of pharmaceutical science because in the end, they have made us only weaker in the face of ever increasingly strong super bugs that are resistant to all the antibiotics doctors have at their disposal.

Diseases include measles, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, pneumonia, influenza, whooping cough, diphtheria and polio. All were in decline for several decades before the introduction of antibiotics or vaccines - Dr. Lawrence Wilson."

Let's get back to remembering the forgotten cures for bacterial diseases like MRSA. These cures were very successful before the advent of antibiotics. Purchase our ebook on the forgotten MRSA and Staph Infection Treatments, by going to

To read the full article on the end of the antibiotic era, click here: The End of Antibiotics

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