Sunday, April 20, 2008

Will I Get Better If I Have MRSA or Staph?

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The number one question I hear from people handling MRSA infections is will I get better if I have MRSA? If you look at the MRSA statistics, it's easy to ask that question. The number one challenge people have with MRSA is recurring infections. People’s fears about getting better are well justified. In 2005, more people died from MRSA than from AIDS, and the numbers keep going up every year.

You've probably heard an earful from the news, your friends or your doctor about MRSA. Did you know that research is now showing that some bacteria (like MRSA) can actually go into hiding in your body when antibiotics are present? Read on to learn more about this serious and potentially life-threatening bacterial disease.

So, will I get better if I have MRSA? The answer is YES - IF you learn how to achieve long-term success with your infection. Antibiotics and other common treatments can bring you quick relief from your infection, but they do nothing to help you avoid recurring infections with MRSA in the long-term.

See the full story at will I get better if I have MRSA or Staph?

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Ryan said...

This is so true, after unsuccessfully, trying to heal our entire family of MRSA with the use of Antibiotics we turned to alternative medicine. Much of the information we have learned about MRSA have come directly from your Book MRSA Secrets Revealed which is basically what a naturopathic doctor would suggest based on personal experience. The only difference is you book is a mere $29.99 compared to Naturepathic doctors who charge on AVG $100.00 plus an hour.
Unfortunately many times after people become infected with MRSA their productivity suffers (IE) work, hence their earning potential is greatly diminished. People want to get help however often times Naturepathic doctors are out of the question as many insurance providers don't cover them. Also for those looking for a "Quick Fix", which they are accustomed to with Western Medicine, two words "Don't Be". It will take time for your body to heal, however what are you alternatives from a Western Medicine standpoint if everything else has failed? It will take work, practice, and huge lifestyle changes for many.
Eventually however not only will your MRSA more then likely be manageable, but you will be a newer healthier more vibrant "New You"!